New Moon in Scorpio 11/03/21

The Scorpio sign is characterized by its intensity, bringing a dark and churning body of water to mind. Where other water signs Cancer and Pisces lack intiative and decisiveness, Scorpio shines in its fixed singlemindness. Similar to its fixed siblings — Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius — one of Scorpio’s defining characteristics is unbridled focus and ambition. As with all fixed signs, the other side of this coin is that this intense focus can be overwhelming. For Scorpio specifically, this could be interpreted as obsessiveness, conniving dialogue, and surreptitious activity.

This new moon falls on/after Albuquerque’s mayoral election. Current mayor Tim Keller is up against Bernallilo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales. Eddy Aragon, another challenger, comes from a robust real estate background with no political background. (Aragon’s platform is an absolute classist joke and won’t be discussed.) Considering that the new moon disappears from the sky, and that this new moon is in Scorpio, words like “sneaky” and “charged” come to mind. Scorpio is a suitable sign for this election to happen under, it’s the sign of rivalry and obsessiveness. The Gonzales campaign has been accused of fraud, which is a very Scorpio (and just to prove that we aren’t biased, this is also a very Capricorn thing, too) thing to be accused of. Gonzales himself referenced allegations of domestic assault and driving while under the influence against Keller at a mayoral debate, which happened under a Libra full moon. While that certainly isn’t in the Libra spirit of equality, it could be said that it was an attempt to “tip the scale” in Gonzales’ favor as Libra is symbolically a scale. In more traditional Libra fashion, the Keller campaign opted to legally respond.

What does this mean for Tim Keller? By using publicly accessible information from this website, some transits in Keller’s chart may be illuminating. A transit moon sextile Saturn implies that Keller may feel inclined to stick to mayoral duties throughout the course of election day, opting to let his actions speak louder than words. Keller has not tweeted today. Judging by the internet, Keller is not visible today, as the transit moon suggests. Another transit occurring for Keller is the transit moon, opposite of the moon — which is a double whammy, especially under the Scorpio new moon. With this three fold water influence, it’s fair to say that something emotional may occur within the next 24 hours for Keller.

Manny Gonzales does not have his birthday listed online like Keller does, but judging from public data mining websites, we can guess his date of birth and assume his place of birth is Albuquerque as he is running for mayor here. One of the first things that stands out is the transit moon squaring the moon, a double water influence extended thrice under the Scorpio new moon — this indicates shifts in schedule. With Keller also having a triple water element influence, perhaps this transit could indicate a long wait counting votes, or a long period before addressing the public. It can also indicate stress, which is also true of Keller’s transit moon opposite of the moon. Gonzales also has the transit moon conjunct Mars and the transit sun sextile Pluto. The former is a mark of quick decisions or hastiness, and the latter is indicative of dogged concentration and financial management.

The Albuquerque Moonstone isn’t necessarily a political blog. However, judging by the astrology, it could be fair to say that emotional reactions and delays could be expected this evening.

Suggestion for the Scorpio new moon include:

  • Wearing black, dark reds, and deep browns
  • Carrying tiger’s eye, carnelian, and obsidian
  • Taking stock of emotions before making decisions
  • Avoiding road rage

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